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Statement from Meghan Reckling Regarding Governor's Partisan Press Conference

Republican candidate for State Representative, Meghan Reckling released the following statement in response to Governor Gretchen Whitmer's address, which took place earlier today:

"Governor Whitmer's press conference this afternoon reaffirmed her belief that she is the only ultimate authority in doing what is best for Michiganders, but her peppered partisan address was nothing other than a ploy to frame our Legislators as bad actors.  Let me remind the Governor that the men and women she continues to shut out and shut down are duly elected by the people of Michigan and we, the people, expect them to be given both a seat at the table as well as the same information she is made privy to concerning this pandemic. The financial impact of her reckless abuse of authority is having devastating and long-term effects on our families and the State as a whole.  Her continued actions have all but negated Michigan's recent prosperity and brought us back to the 'lost decade' of the Granholm administration.  If the Governor is moving this slowly in re-opening Michigan, then surely she has time to engage with the Legislature and work together with our elected representatives. To quote the Governor, 'we're all in this together'." 

Reckling, a small business owner and mother of two, previously served as Senator Lana Theis's Chief of Staff. She has been in communication with former colleagues and members of the legislature as the process continues to unfold concerning Governor Whitmer's unilateral decisions. 

Stand with me today sending a message to Governor Whitmer.

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