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Statement on Governor Whitmer's May 7th Press Conference

Meghan Reckling, candidate for the 47th State House district released the following statement in response to Governor Whitmer’s press conference which took place this afternoon:

“Governor Whitmer’s press conference this afternoon demonstrates how woefully out of touch and tone deaf she truly is. Incredibly she has extended the “stay at home” order until May 28th.

The good citizens of Michigan have been willing to comply with her myriad of confusing executive orders for over 50 days now, but their patience is wearing thin. They are ready to get out from under this heavy handed and dictatorial governor and back to living their lives.

Her total ignorance of where the state stands with the Unemployment Insurance Agency is particularly troublesome. She admits she has ‘no idea’ how long benefits will be available to the hard-working men and women she is forcing into the employment lines. I am hearing from parents across the district that they are desperately concerned about how they are going to put food on their tables. They are going to food banks for the first time in their lives. The madness has got to end.

For the sake of people’s mental health, physical health, and their pocketbooks, the Governor must listen to the people, work with the Legislature, and trust all job providers to safely re-open their businesses for both their employees and their customers. People are at their breaking point".

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Reckling, a small business owner and mother of two, previously worked in both the Michigan House and Senate. To learn more about Meghan go to:

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