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The National Popular Vote would allow a few large populated blue states and cities to overwhelm the rest of the country when choosing a president. Our Constitution's electoral college system allows the meaningful participation of voices in Michigan and middle America. 

Help me stop the latest power grab. People are starting to collect signatures to pass the National Popular Vote initiative, please be sure to double-check any petitions when signing. 

Join me in opposing the National Popular Vote movement here in Michigan by signing the letter below.

Dear Neighbor,


Our vote matters, and it's worth fighting for.


The so-called "National Popular Vote" proposal would permanently disenfranchise every voter in the state, forcing Michigan to cast its presidential elector votes for whoever wins the national popular vote – even if the voters of Michigan overwhelmingly chose someone else. 


It is imperative that the candidate who receives Michigan's electoral votes is determined by Michiganders - and not by voters in other parts of the country.  Simply put: Michigan's votes for president must only be determined by Michigan's voters.


The voters of Michigan should not have their will determined by the influences of other states. It would be a mistake to abandon a system so essential to our Republic.


This proposal would give big cities on the East and West Coast veto power over voters in Michigan. It would give them veto power over your vote, your children's votes, and grandchildren's votes.


It's a disastrous idea and one that should remain on the scrapheap of American history.


The founding fathers believed in majority rule, but they feared majority tyranny. During the Constitutional Convention of 1787, the founding fathers rejected a push for a national popular vote, recognizing the idea would give big cities in a few big states the ability to force their will on smaller states while encouraging the President of the United States to ignore everyone but the most densely populated areas of the country.  The same is true today, where Los Angeles and New York City alone would have more say than the entire state of Michigan in a National Popular Vote.


The founders knew a little something about human nature, and they recognized the dangers of centralized power that's easy to seize. After all, they'd just fought and won a war against a king many miles away who'd refused to give them a say over their own government.


They created the Electoral College to ensure every state had a voice and that candidates for the nation's highest office had to pay attention to all of them – not just a few big population centers or industries.


For example, in 2020, more than 2.97 million people turned out to vote in New York City alone, and in the city of Los Angeles, there were 4.3 million votes cast. Michigan's record-breaking statewide turnout of 5.5 million votes was dwarfed by the combined 7.27 million votes of just those two cities.


Critically, the National Popular Vote compact as already adopted by 15 states contains no requirement that the participating states conduct their federal elections by the same set of rules.


Democrats in blue states stuff their ballot boxes through ballot harvesting, lax or non-existent identification requirements, and many other insecure practices. Under the National Popular Vote compact, Michigan's voice in future presidential elections will depend on our state joining a race to the bottom of election integrity rules. As conservatives, we are working hard to restore voters' confidence in Michigan's election process. Michigan is a battleground state because our 15 electoral votes are essential for the path to 270 votes and victory. Candidates for president visit our state often and take note of the important issues at the forefront of Michiganders' minds.


Michigan faces specific challenges unique to the Great Lakes region that deserve the attention of candidates running for president. The National Popular Vote would eliminate our state's relevance. It would make it easy for a presidential candidate to ignore policies important to Michigan on the campaign trail and once in the White House.


Liberals are obsessed with forcing Americans to conform to their radical agenda, and the National Popular Vote is just another attempt to force Michigan into conforming by using large states like California and New York to impose their will on the rest of the country – in this case, a Democrat president.


Michigan has been pressured to surrender its votes to the elites in other states before, and Michigan has rejected the idea year after year.


As your neighbor, I firmly believe your vote matters. You have a say when it comes to Presidential elections, and you deserve to keep it. As a conservative, I am willing to fight to defend it.


Together, with you, I vehemently reject the National Popular Vote proposal and this disingenuous push to disenfranchise every voter in Michigan.


Join me.



Thank you for helping me stop the National Popular Vote!

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